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We're building new worlds

that reimagine fictional experiences.

Worldbuilding is the art form that is foundational to everything at Cauldron. We want people to truly feel they can not only escape into our worlds, but through the advances of Web3, be a part of them.

Our debut project launches 2022.

‘Nightshade’ is the working title of our debut project, an immersive Sci-Fi experience set within the bounds of our solar system.

Project Nightshade will take place in a narrative-led universe where science and stories come to life.

Our ambition is to pioneer meaningful, player-first premium experiences in the Web3 arena.

Join the Cauldron team

As a team, we have confidence in one another to do their best possible work to make groundbreaking, memorable products. If you’d like to join us, irrespective of experience or role, we’d love to hear from you.

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