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We build meaningful worlds

that bring people together.

Worldbuilding is the art form that is foundational to everything at Cauldron. We want people to truly feel they can not only escape into our worlds, but through the advances of Web3, be a part of them.

Our debut project is Fates.

Currently in development, Fates is an immersive, narrative-driven, web3 experience following the next step in human survival.

Fates will take place in a narrative-led universe where science and stories come to life.

We are on a journey to create the next big science fiction franchise – spanning entertainment, gaming, films and merchandise.

Our team

Cauldron is a team made up of gaming industry veterans, designers, writers, blockchain engineers and technologists. Previously the team have worked at Blizzard, Rebellion, Playdead, 343 Industries and ustwo games.

Together, we’re building a world where the community will play a role in owning, experiencing and shaping the world through games, films, interactive experiences, literature, real-world events and more.

We are backed by some of the world’s most prestigious investors in the space – Cherry Ventures, Cassius, Seedcamp and Playfair.